Seemax| Projection Screen has been successfully applied at DUKE KUNSHAN UNIVERSITY


DUKE KUNSHAN UNIVERSITY is a Sino-foreign cooperative institution of officially approved by the Ministry of Education. It is jointly sponsored by Duke University, the Kunshan Municipal Government, and Wuhan University.

Located in the Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Park, DUKE KUNSHAN UNIVERSITY covers an area of 1,200 acres and is equipped with various high-tech facilities.

Explore the virtual campus to visit advanced classrooms, meeting facilities, library resources, student dormitories, dining areas, and recreational facilities.  

The campus features multifunctional meeting venues, lounges, and study areas for students to study independently or engage in group discussions, complete assignments, and participate in a diverse range of campus learning activities. The total construction area is 450,000 square meters, including five buildings in the first phase, such as teaching buildings, student dormitories, and a conference center.

Project Details:

Seemax provides professional projection screen installation solutions for Duke Kunshan University. Carefully selected multiple batches of 120” – 200” Shine A Motorized Screens, as well as 300” 16:10 high ceiling F2 series screen and custom-made metal acoustical screens.

Seemax F2 Series tab-tensioned screen:

Designed for use in venues with high ceilings, such as hotel grand banquet halls, theaters, auditoriums, exhibition halls, theme parks, etc.

The F1/F2 series screen features a unique modular housing and rotating tube structure. The traction part is made of high-density, high-strength, non-stretch carbon steel. The upper rod and rotating tube synchronously rotated during retraction, allowing the entire projection screen to be lowered by a travel distance of 5 meters.

The single-motor power system integrates the dual lifting and screen retraction, providing a simple and reliable structure that significantly facilitates the installation process. The projection screen can roll down to 5 meters, and the descent viewing distance can be freely set within this range by the provided remote control.  

When the projection screen is not in use, it can be retracted into the ceiling to maintain the original interior decor style of the venue.

Control options include RS232/485, wireless remote control box, and remote control. Can customized travel settings.

The screen surface can be chosen based on user preferences.

Self-tightening: Both sides of the screen utilize a self-tightening system that helps eliminate the “V” shape in the middle of the screen. And this ensures that the screen is as flat and level as a mirror.  

Application: suitable for use in venues with high ceiling such as hotel banquet halls, auditoriums, and conference halls, etc.

Shine A motorized Screen:

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